Sunglasses Made from Human Hair Are Pretty Cool (PHOTOS)

hair sunglassesFirst, there were the necklaces made from human hair that resembled "fancy chest hair" fit for Lady Gaga, but made our skin crawl. Now, there are sunglasses that are also made out of real people's tresses. But before you envision hairy specs that actually LOOK like they're made out of someone's real live mane, think again! The glasses made by Azusa Murakami and Alexander Groves, of the UK's Royal College of Art, don't really look all that strange or creepy.

Murakami and Groves (aka Studio Swine) say the world's "abundant" supply of human hair inspired them to use locks to create 100 percent biodegradable frames. They're made by binding hair to natural resin, so I guess that's how they achieved the "Hey! I could totally see these belonging on Nicole Richie's face" look. Studio Swine also notes how the "booming production of hair extensions can be expanded beyond the beauty industry to make other commodities that are equally desirable."


It's an intriguing thought. And hiding the hair and/or mixing it with something else certainly makes it far less creepy than a straight-up, raw material, err, hair necklace. 

What do you think about these "hair sunglasses"? Would you wear them?



Image via Studio Swine

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