Kate & Will Go Matchy Matchy in Their Hatty Hatties

kate and will in matching hatsDuchess Catherine and Prince William continued their North American tour this morning when they headed to a little old-fashioned Texan Canadian rodeo. The Royal newlyweds were on hand for the Calgary stampede and kicked off the parade with streamers and fireworks, and woo! By-golly y'all it looked like a jolly good time. I think the hats, and Kate's face, say it all.

Is she surprised that we love that she and Will are wearing matching cowboy hats?


She shouldn't be! Those two ... I swear. They're the coolest, right? They're on their way to LA right this second (yippee!), so the next time we see them, they'll be on our American soil. They'll be all ours! Take that, Canada! And Britain! And the UK! You're never getting them back. Especially not after this whole matchy matchy look. We just love them too much now.

I for one am a total fan of couples and families dressing alike. I know that it's totally 100 percent corny, but that's what I like most about it. It takes all the pretense away. It says, hey, we're idiots in matching clothes, wanna fight about it?

My mom dressed my sisters and me in matching dresses until we decided it'd go a little too far if we all wore my sister's wedding dress. That would just be confusing. Anyway, I liked wearing the same things as my sisters -- we looked like a little team of cuteness! And I like coordinating and matching looks with my boyfriend. I'll wear a hot pink dress and he'll wear a hot pink tie. Are you barfing yet? It's cool. I'm used to it.

There's nothing wrong with having a little fun with clothes, and with your partner. There aren't too many occasions when matching uniforms are allowed, so get in small touches of samesiness where you can. Kate and Will nailed it in their matching hats. Can't wait to kidnap those two lovebirds and keep them in a cage where I can dress them up in matching clothes and feed them tea and crumpets and brush their hair and read them bedtime stories. (Sorry.)

Do you think matching or coordinating outfits with your partner is fun, funny, or fugly?

Photo via Chris Jackson/Getty

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