Woman Fired for Refusing a Makeover

gray hair Sandra Rawline is an average hard-working American. She's 52 years old, lives in Texas, and worked her way up in the real estate industry, going from receptionist to escrow officer and branch manager at Capital Title of Texas. But apparently, she had too much experience for her job, because her boss requested she dye her gray hair

Her manager's rationale: The office was moving to a more upscale area and wanted to adjust their image accordingly. Rawline said she was also instructed to wear "younger fancy suits" and lots of fancy jewelry. (Uh, heh. Wow. Were they also planning on giving her a raise to fund this pricey makeover?)

Rawline, who has been gray since her early 20s and likes her hair just the way it is thankyouverymuch, said "no thanks" to the request. As a result, she was told her services were no longer necessary and was abruptly replaced by a woman 10 years her junior.


Being told to dye your hair, because you don't look "fancy" -- cough YOUNG -- enough is discrimination. Rawline knew this and filed a lawsuit, but her former employer says they didn't axe her because of her age, but because "one of its customers no longer wanted to do business with her." What a buncha BS.

Well, good for Rawline for sticking up for herself. I hope she kicks their ageist butts in court.

What do you think about what happened to Sandra Rawline?


Image via Les Chatfield/Flickr

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