Olsen Twins T-Shirt of the Month Club Is Style Genius


olsen twin tshirts stylemintIf you're like me and a t-shirt is part of your daily look, you're going to be stoked about the latest venture by those adorable Olsen gals, Ashley and Mary-Kate. I have to say I never thought I'd be joining a club helmed by the Olsen twins, but I'm all signed up to get my monthly t-shirt on, designed and selected just for me by the fashion icons/babies we all adored in the 1980s.

You see, StyleMint is not just a website selling celebrity-designed t-shirts, it's an affordable retail experience where they get to know you and your favorite things. It's an exclusive t-shirt club that works with your style. You're gonna want to join. Did I mention it's only $29.99?

The first thing you do when you head over to StyleMint is to take a lovely photo survey that helps determine your personal style. That way, when they send you monthly exclusive t-shirt options, they already have an idea of what you like. After choosing what I'd wear to a business meeting, or on a date, picking handbags, fave stores, and shoes, they offered up this Filmore tee as my first club purchase.

olsen twin tshirts stylemintLOVE.

But just in case I didn't, they have browsing options they also hand-pick for your style, including videos of how these limited edition t-shirts were made, and what inspiration went into the tee. How do Mary-Kate and Ashley know me so well? It's spooky.

Trust the Olsen twins, they know what they're doing.

Would you join this t-shirt club?

Images via StyleMint

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To much money ,to much b.s. ...I could got to target ,walmart,khols,macys and get a shirt for $5!

Lulu_B Lulu_B

I love it! I also love their sister company JewelMint (which is jewelry of the month by Kate Bosworth and Cher Coutler.)

Tiffa... TiffanyinSF

I wonder why they never smile?  If I didn't know any better, I'd swear they were missing teeth.

nonmember avatar becca

I just did it thinking that would be really cool. And its the same 4 shirts no matter what your style is lol!! I took the survey 3 times differently!

Mommy... MommyKKay

Why is she holding her sister's ass? Creepy


I'll check it out. I love getting mail. Going to Target isn't the same. This seems fun or it might be a fun gift for someone that you never know what to buy for.

Ashlee Bennett

I agree! Expensive when you can just go to Target and get the same thing really...


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