Sky Mall: Taking Fashion to New Heights

Sky MallThe Stir reader Mandy alerted me to a fashion catalog that's sweeping the nation -- whether you want it to or not! We've all flipped through Sky Mall, the free magazine available in the back pockets of airplane seats, but have you noticed some of the things they're selling?


Mandy mentioned this $499 iRestore Hair Laser, which will allow your man to combat the thinning of his pate while watching TV! Or surfing the web for porn!


And there's so much more! Click through to see some of my favorite bizarre Sky Mall offerings ...


Vegas Size T-ShirtI can't decide whether this t-shirt is supposed to say "Vegas Size" or "Vegasize," because the two terms mean very different things. "Vegas Size" would ostensibly mean the size of Las Vegas, while "Vegasize" makes me think of a Veggie Tales exercise DVD. Also, what man really wants to imply that his penis is Vegas Size? As cities go, Las Vegas is nowhere near the biggest...


Sky MallWho among us hasn't longed for a $2,999 sterling silver purse while flying 30,000 feet over the earth? Well, as it turns out, wishes really can come true!

Meerkat HoodieAhhhh, an adult meerkat hoodie. I've been looking EVERYWHERE for one of these things. THANK YOU, SKY MALL.

Sky MallUnfortunately, Purple Ducks is no longer available. Everything else, though, is still up for grabs.

Sky MallRob banks in comfort and style with the GermBana Face Gator!

Have you ever ordered from Sky Mall? Did there happen to be an air-pressure problem in the cabin when you placed that order?

Images via Sky Mall

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