Kate Middleton’s Favorite Jeans Not Sold Out -- We Found Them!

duchess catherineDay three wearing the same pair of jeans.Duchess Catherine (Kate Middleton if you're nasty) was spotted wearing the same pair of jeans three days in a row. She and her Prince are currently touring Canada, so maybe the Duchess is just a light packer, or maybe, maybe, she doesn't give two cares about wearing the same pants every day like us mere mortals. I don't know about you, but I'm beginning to feel a sense of vindication. I do as the Duchess does!

I wear my jeans over and over again, but I just sort of figured I was some classless schlub and that high-society wouldn't dare wear the same jeans more than once a month. But that's not our Kate. She's one of us, and she doesn't care who knows it.

So what jeans is she rocking, and how can you get them, you ask?


Kate's wearing the 811 style by J Brand jeans. I personally love the brand and have three pairs of them in my closet. I can't afford the full retail (Kate's specific pair go for $169) but I can usually use department store points to buy them or find them on off-price sites like Rue La La or Gilt Groupe.

Despite reports that they're sold out, you can get Kate's skinny jeans on the J Brand website, or brightly colored versions of the same jeans on Neiman Marcus website, or Nordstrom. Be sure to check the upcoming sales on Rue La La or Gilt first though -- while they will almost certainly NOT have the 811s, they'll have other J Brand styles that you may like. And when the price is half off, I'm sure you'll find something.J brand jeans
811 Mid-Rise Skinny Leg J Brand Jeans

Kate wore the jeans Monday with a windbreaker at a Dragon Boat race; wore them Tuesday with a tan Burberry blouse during a visit to Blachford Lake in Canada; and on Wednesday she wore them for a flight to Slave Lake in the Northern Territories.

I've worn my jeans to work on Monday, to work on Tuesday, and to work on Wednesday, so really, same diff.

If you haven't tried J Brand, I recommend giving them a whirl next time you're shopping for jeans. They don't have any branding on the outside (which I like), they have really simple and clean lines (another bonus), and they flatter your legs and butt like none other (triple bonus).

Do you like Kate's jeans? And do you wear yours a few days in a row like she does?

Photo via Chris Jackson/Getty

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