Pippa Middleton Sizzles in the Summer Essential You’re Missing

pippa middleton
Pippa Middleton in a leather jacket
I used to have a thing against leather jackets. And by "a thing against," I mean I hated them with every fiber of my anti-Danny Zuko being. In addition to the bad asses at Rydell High, the only other groups of people I associated with black leather jackets were '80s punk rockers and Staten Island guidos. Then I got one.

In short, game changer.

I used to suffer from a problem that perhaps ails you, too -- the problem of always being cold. Even on the sweatiest of summer nights, chances are, if I'm out to dinner, I'm going to need something with sleeves. And let me tell you, cardigans were gettin' real freakin' old.


Enter a short (faux) leather jacket from H&M. It was March of 2009. The location? Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles. I eyed her in the corner of the store when I first walked in, hanging next to some hideous yellow tops. I did a double take -- something no leather jacket had ever elicited from me before. Thought I was just tired after a long day of work. But every time I picked up a frilly dress or a sheer blouse, I couldn't stop wondering how the jacket would look atop it.

"Stop it, man. Your mind's just playing tricks on you," I thought. "You're going to look like a '50s greaser. Or a coke dealer." But it was futile. I didn't stand a chance against her three-quarter length sleeves and $39.95 price tag. I was done the minute I walked through that door.

And now I'm a convert. And you should be, too. Leather jackets (I'm partial the faux variety) are the missing link in your night-time summertime wardrobe. Over a girly dress? Bad ass. With skinny jeans and a white t-shirt? Sexy. An addition to frilly shorts and a tank? Adorable. Trust me. If you're an anti-leather jacket person like I was once, open your mind a bit. It's totally worth it. I bestow unto you three great gateway jackets.

leather jacket

Full Tilt Faux Leather Jacket, Tilly's, $39.99

leather jacket

Urban Behavior Faux Leather Stud Leather Jacket, PacSun, $54.99

leather jacket

Sparkle and Fade Faux Leather Hooded Bomber, Urban Outfitters, $98

Seriously, how can you resist these?

Are you a leather jacket convert now?


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