It's National No Bra Day -- Who's Joining Me?


boobiesFree at last, free at last! Ladies, this Saturday we are free at last: July 9 is National No Bra Day. I'm not entirely sure how this tradition got started or who's behind it -- could be our bra-burning foremothers, could be some dudes who figured this would be an awesome way to see some boobs, who knows? But either way, I'm in!

Let's all face it: Bras suck. They're uncomfortable as hell, they never fit quite right, they're always peeking out when we don't want them to. Of course, there are certain advantages to wearing one ... like being able to wear a white tank top without unintentionally looking like you're posing for the cover of Maxim.

Otherwise, though, I'm thrilled to join the hundreds of thousands of women (literally) who've RSVP'd to National No Bra Day on Facebook and let it all hang out on Saturday. Though now I'm wondering: What am I going to wear?

Obviously, as previously stated, the white tank top is out. (I'm really much too fair-skinned to wear white anyway.) I'm guessing a dark color would leave the most to the imagination, but then there's the question of what kind of neckline. It's summer, after all; most tops and dresses tend to be on the lower-cut side ... which would be fine if I could remember to not bend over all day. (Unlikely.)

Whatever I end up wearing, this is definitely going to be an interesting little social experiment. In fact, the more I think about it, the more I almost want to wear a white tank top, just to see what happens. Will the cashier at Starbucks look away in shock? Will my boss turn down the air-conditioning? Will my 10-year-old daughter scream in horror? (She already gets mad at me when my bra straps are showing.)

Will you go without a bra on July 9?


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nonmember avatar Shelly

I think I'll keep my DDs in a bra, thank you. This is a privilege that can probably only be shared by the small chested community. Have fun, though!

Rhond... RhondaVeggie

I will be wearing a bra because I want to be comfortable. I don't get the people who whine about them being uncomfy because I find going braless to be far more uncomfortable. There are times when certain bras can be annoying admittedly, I will not wear underwire to yoga class but thankfully playtex makes some really comfy ones with braids instead of wire, but I couldn't imagine going without. Even when I'm flopping about at home I wear a camisole with a shelf bra and I usually wear that to bed too. I just can't be done with them flapping about when I try to do things and in summer there's the whole boob sweat thing to consider which is just gross.

PonyC... PonyChaser

Maybe you should clear up a little bit of confusion... Either No Bra Day is tomorrow (July 7), OR it's on July 9. Which is it? 'cause I'm all for it... not gonna do it, I'll be at camp with a bunch of adolescent boys who don't need to be witnessing my girls in all their glory. But I'll "support" all of y'all in your venture!

navyma23 navyma23

Everyday is no bra day for me. I hate them.

jpfsmom jpfsmom

Ahem, seeing that I'm lactating right now and it's a big ol mess if I don't wear one not to mention they kinda hurt without the support, I'll have to pass this years, but you all have fun!

Allison Priest Leonard

@ Rhonda Veggie: I'm with you. I absolutely, positively cannot stand to not wear a bra. I feel so gross with them flopping around and hanging all over the place. I have tried to not wear one at home and I just hate it with a passion. I wear a bra 24/7, even to bed. The only exception is in the shower.

Sinat... SinatrasKitten

@ shelly - I'm in the same boat... I'll be leaving my DD's covered up :)

nonmember avatar chicab

I have to agree with Rhonda as well - while wearing a bra is annoying - going without on is absolutely worst. Especially in the heat and humidity.
I'll keep my uncomfortable

Elisabeth Dale

Seriously, men should wear them for a day. Never judge a woman until you've walked a mile in her bra.

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