It Is Useless to Resist the Disney Wedding Gown

Tiana DressAlfred Angelo is the latest designer to take inspiration from the Disney princesses for his latest collection of wedding gowns.

Sure, the idea of modeling your wedding dress after a cartoon character seems a little cheesy -- but the truth is that designers are making these dresses only because there's a huge demand for them.

Is it so wrong that we all want our day to fantasize that maybe, just maybe, we'll achieve the dreams of our childhood and live happily ever after?

Whether or not you'd buy a Disney wedding dress, the photos of Angelo's latest gowns are certainly worth viewing.

This Tiana dress would definitely meet the approval of many a bride.

Check them out after the jump and tell me in the comments which dress is your fave!



Ariel dres

The Ariel dress is actually quite pretty ...


Jasmine DressBut I'm not a big fan of the Jasmine dress. It looks more like a fancy nightgown!


Sleeping BeautyThe Sleeping Beauty dress would be perfect for one of the girls on My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding ...


Cinderella DressI'm feeling meh about the Cinderella dress. 


Belle DressBut the Belle dress isn't half-bad! 


Snow WhiteAnd finally, the Snow White dress, which doesn't look all that different from the Cinderella dress.

Which one is your favorite? And would you wear a Disney wedding dress if you could do it again?


Images via Alfred Angelo

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