Human Hair Necklaces Are Creepy New Jewelry Trend (PHOTOS)


human hair necklaceJewelry is one of those style elements that is usually much better, eye-catching, statement-making if it's unique. Sure, some of us love the clean, classic designs of Tiffany, but once everyone and their sister and mother had those heart bracelets, the Legally Blonde look shortly faded out. But there's also a fine line between unique and freaky-deaky-skeevy-queasy.

An artist named Kerry Howley is testing that boundary by crafting necklaces from human hair. The necklaces were Howley's attempt to "make discarded hair attractive again."

You know, she does make a good point. We love the hell out of our hair when it's on our heads, but as soon as it's clipped off, it's grotesque. But lots of people have no problem wearing feathers or fur, which kind of fall under the same category.

I'm not saying I'll be changing my mind about "dead" human hair anytime soon. But hey, if Lady Gaga can rock a dress made of flesh, I wouldn't be surprised if she'd give human hair necklaces a shot. So, if nothing else, Howley could very well have a future designing accessories for the Mother Monster.

More photos:

human hair necklace

human hair necklace

What do you think of these human hair necklaces? Would you wear one?


Image via Kerry Howley

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winte... winterbaby10

ewww, it just makes you look like a man with fancy chest hair.


LikeA... LikeAVirgin

I think that they are actually kind of pretty but I don't think I would ever wear one lol

mompam mompam

I would not. They look pretty on the models, but you can see the stray hairs and they look itchy! I agree Lady GaGa would like it.


I find them creepy as all get out. Hair is dirty and has been cut off and been on the floor and swept up and made into jewelry?? No thanks. I get all hyper thinking about it.

miz_k... miz_kress

wayyyy wayyyy creepy !!!

nonmember avatar blh

That's hideous. Fancy chest hair is right.

hanna... hannahsmom238

I think the Victorians used to make jewery out of hair. Just goes to show sooner or later everything comes back in style.

Stephanie Strader

This literally makes me want to gag - like I had a hair on my fork. This is disgusting and wrong in so many ways.

Mommy... MommyLady

I wouldn't wear one...Not because they're "gross" or "creepy", but because I can guarantee that it would make me itchy!

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