Katie Holmes Is Going Gray -- And I Like It

Katie HolmesKatie Holmes, as Perez Hilton has helpfully pointed out, is starting to get a few silver strands among the brunette.

Perez even provided an extreme close-up, allowing us to count the number of gray hairs sprouting out of Katie's head -- but you can see those stray grays just fine in this shot as well.

Obviously, Katie could afford to cover up the grays.

Obviously, she's also noticed them herself.

Which of us hasn't obsessed over our own one or two (or one or two hundred) grays in the mirror?

I'm pretty sure I know why 32-year-old Katie hasn't scrambled for the hair dye ...


I think she likes it!

I'm guessing that the girl who will always be known as "Joey from Dawson's Creek" feels like she's done a lot of growing up since then. She's married a legend. She's become a full-time stepmom to two teenagers. She's had a child of her own who is tailed by the paparazzi 24-7.


And she's keeping them, dammit.

I have to admit, I feel the same way about my own stray grays. I like to imagine that each one has a story. There's the one from the night my 18-year-old didn't come home. The one from my son's bout with pneumonia last year. The one from the day I was driving the kids down a mountain to my parents' house and a bicycle mounted on the car in front of us came flying off, right into our path.

I earned those grays, and I'm not ready to cover them up.

Multiply them by a few hundred, though, and we'll talk.

How do you feel about your stray grays? Do you cover them up or are they an emblem of honor?

Image via Splash News

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