Kate Middleton’s Conservative Style Is Contagious


kate middletonKate Middleton's Canadian trip is coming to a close and hot dog what a fashion whirlwind it's been. We had knee-length dresses -- lots of 'em. We had pumps. We had a hat that resembled one Princess Diana wore on her trip to the country years back. And of course, we had oodles and oodles of the shiniest hair you ever did see. All in all, I would give Kate an A- for her style on the trip. (The only reason it's not an A+, or even an A, is because I think she played it a little too safe throughout the trip, knowwhatI'msaying?)

Anyways, now that we've been seeing more of Kate since she and Prince William tied the knot, we're getting more of a feel for her royal style. And I think we can all agree that it's pretty conservative. So my question, naturally, is: Is Kate bringing back conservative?

Whether it's intentional or not -- and whether ladies across the globe realize it's even happening -- the answer is, unequivocally, yes.

Everything the Duchess wears seems to sell out in the blink of an eye. Hell, she's even been known to shut a website or two down in her day. With these throngs of women vying to dress like her, we are naturally getting, well, less slutty-looking as a whole. And that's a good thing.

Girls want to be like princesses. And celebrities. Or at least dress like them. If Kate had been walking around in micro minis and platform pumps thus far, you bet those clothes would have sold out, too. But she's not. (Thank goodness.)

Think about the clothes female celebrities wear these days -- especially the younger ones. It's all low-cut this, super-short that. They're basically a stone's throw away from walking around nude. That's not fashion, anybody can show skin. And it's actually quite boring.

Kate is all about loose-fitting, flowy dresses, mid-height heels, and never anything low-cut. Of course she couldn't be running around in lycra minis as the future queen, but still, she could loosen up a scoosh if she wanted to. She chooses not to. 'Cause that's her style.

And apparently it's ours now, too.

What do you think about Kate bringing back conservative?


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angev... angevil53

i like her style, i also think the fact that it seems like everything retro is coming back helps it out. she dresses like a woman, not a skank, but i feel sorry for her too bc i'm betting she's missing being able to throw on some yoga pants and a tank for afternoon out. oh well, that's the life of a princess i guess.

nonmember avatar Alli

I love her style. Its so nice to see someone looking classy, stylish, and modest for once.

nonmember avatar RumpRoast

Check out those hip bones!!!

nonmember avatar ge

I think she is stunning and a natural beauty. I love the way she dress, always so classic and elegance. Yes she is very slim but so what. Better thin than fat. The press would be brutal if she was a hippo.

mustb... mustbeGRACE

She is anorexic.

She's falling apart mentally.

There has to be something about being a royal woman in the spotlight during the last couple decades to present that's causing these women to come unhinged.

I mean the royals closest to the throne, sans the Queen and Queen mom.

And not Camilla, of course.

Kate is literally disappearing.

Rhond... RhondaVeggie

She is not literally disappearing nor is there any evidence to suggest she's anorexic or falling apart. She's a bit slimmer than she was this time last year but she has a very stressful job and a little weight loss is to be expected. I'm sure once she gets in the swing of things it will come back.


I love her and think she's beautiful. I love her style and I love everything about her. She's a true role model for our children. So what she's thin. She may work hard at it. If she gained any weight, you'd all be talking about that. Sometimes for people in the public eye, there's no way for them to win because some people are just rude.

mustb... mustbeGRACE



Kate exiting a teepee, 3 pictures down.

There's the evidence.

You are dense.

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