10 Retro Bikinis to Celebrate 65 Years of the Two Piece

girls in bikinis
Happy birthday, Bikini!
Whether you're a fan of the two-piece bathing suit or not, today we should all toast to the bikini -- she turns 65 today. Hooray! It was on July 5 in 1946 when daring French fashion designer Louis Reard paid Parisian exotic dancer Micheline Bernardini to wear his outrageous new bathing suit to a popular swimming pool in Paris, and the rest is history. The bikini quickly took off and became totally in vogue after WWII. Our summers at the beach haven't been the same since.

I salute Reard's invention. A tan stomach and ease using the bathroom during a beach or pool visit are priceless summertime commodities. So to honor the bikini on her 65th birthday, I've rounded up ten retro bikini looks that hearken back to the good old days when "beach blanket" movies ruled and surf culture was a viable way of life. Take a look!


Splendid Ruffle Bikini
Splendid Ruffle Bikini, $120
Blue and white polka dots and a little ruffle? Totally retro-chic. Love it with bangles, too.

nanette lepore bikini
Nanette Lepore Coquette Bikini, $156
Bold floral prints and full coverage will keep you looking both vintage and modern.

tori paver swim
Tori Praver Hula Ruffled Bikini, $154
I really like dark, fall colors for swimwear.

tori paver swim
Tori Praver Betty Bikini (call store for price)
Doesn't get more high-waisted than this. The clean lines and '60s silhouette will flatter most body types.

juicy couture bikini
Juicy Couture Bikini, $91.50
Can't you just see her lounging on set with Frankie and Annette?

high sun bikini
High Sun Bikini (call store for pricing)

The vibrant color block, tie details, and high bikini briefs are oh so retro.

pop of dots bikini
Pop-Of-Dots Bikini (call store for pricing)
Love the fluorescence and the triangle top!

crocheted bikini
Crocheted Bikini, $84
Simple and sexy. The color and the cut are retro-inspired with a modern twist.

camera pose bikini
Camera Pose Bikini (call store for pricing)
Surfs up, dudette!

seafolly bikini
Seafolly Bikini, $171
A little playful va va voom on the beach isn't a bad thing, is it?

Would you wear a retro-inspired bikini?

Photo via Jemingway/Flickr

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