How to Give Yourself Fake Abs With Makeup

YouTubeIf you're at all familiar with YouTube, you know that there's a video tutorial for anything, whether you want to learn how to skin a deer or ...

... give yourself fake abs with makeup.

Yes, friends, a Twitter rumor led me to look up fake ab tutorials and I found not one, but several how-to videos, explaining the process of giving you what sitting on the couch all summer did not: Abs.

And you won't believe how many people are watching.


This detailed video on using bronzer and shimmer powder to give your tummy ab-like definition has been watched more than 20 million times.


And frankly, the end results aren't all that spectacular!

No, I much prefer this video:


I can only hope my daughter grows up to be as smart and talented as these highly creative and intelligent young ladies.

So what do you think of faking your abs with makeup? Smart and savvy or stupid and lame?

Hmmmmmm ...


Screen grab via YouTube

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