Move Over, Spanx -- Here's the Next Must-Have Garment


the shirtAs a woman, finding a button-down shirt that fits properly and keeps your ta-tas covered up is unfortunately more challenging than it should be. Washington lobbyist Rochelle Behrens reached the end of her rope with this phenomenon after numerous occasions when her dress shirts would gape between buttons, unintentionally giving male colleagues a peek at her bra. You know guys, and they didn't hesitate to mock Behrens for her bursting bust.

That's when Behrens had her "Spanx moment." She began devoting all of her free time to working on a design for The Shirt, a button-down shirt meant to fit correctly across a woman's bust, allowing her to remain modest in the workplace. She ended up working with a pattern maker in NYC who worked with Diane Von Furstenberg (lucky!).

Obviously, a shirt like this is something many of us have been missing from our wardrobes, because Behrens projects to sell 10,000 of the shirts by the end of the year. (She even quit her job as a lobbyist!)

Right now, you can buy the button-downs at, as well as Bloomingdale's and boutiques nationwide. I want one!

How 'bout you -- is The Shirt something you could use?


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Gigan... GigantaursMommy

Why didn't she just put on an undershirt so they couldn't see her bra? It's cool that this shirt won't gape open and is better contoured for a woman, but if you know that gaps are a problem why not just wear an undershirt?

ashjoy ashjoy

Because, even with an undershirt on it looks tacky. To avoid the gaping, I always have to wear an undershirt and then leave the top few buttons undone. Then you have the problem of having to have enough tanks. And, my luck always proves that the tank I need is in the dirty laundry! I quit buying button downs all together because it was too annoying. This is a great idea!

ashjoy ashjoy

Not to mention, where I live it is currently 100+ degrees! Needless to say, the least amount of layers the better!

Madel... MadelynMc

What a novel idea...clothes that are designed to fit correctly. Maybe other designers will catch on.

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