Kate Moss Wedding Dress Revealed & I'm Underwhelmed

Kate Moss wedding dress

Kate Moss is now Ms. Married Lady Kate Moss Hince or whatever title she's giving herself after wedding rocker Jamie Hince at St. Peter's Church in Southrop, Gloucestershire, yesterday, and finally we get a look at what we've all been waiting for: The Dress.

Not just any dress, but The Controversial wedding dress designed disgraced bigot designer and longtime friend, John Galliano. And now introducing for the first time as Supermodel and bridal gown ... here it is at right. And wow, all I have to say is I am kind of disappointed.


Perhaps its because Kate Middleton's dress was so extraordinary. Perhaps it's because every celebrity in the world seems to be getting married lately and we are desensitized to all the photos, or perhaps it's just a really nice but sort of underwhelming dress for someone as overwhelmingly fashionable as Kate Moss.

Don't get me wrong, Kate could be wearing a paper bag and still look good. She's gorgeous in every way, but it's just kind of wrong when the groom stands out more than the bride (love the blue double breasted suit, skinny pants and boots -- very rock star) and you find your eye wandering over to the cute flower girls (don't you love the ruffled sleeves on their dresses!) than the brides so-so gown. And her hair is kind of a mess. I know that damp English weather is a bitch but ...

The dress is definitely vintage style, modeled after one worn by flapper Zelda Fitzgerald, whose engagement ring she's wearing. And it's got some pretty flattering lines and some amazing embroidery that show off Kate's amazing figure. I guess I was hoping for something more runway worthy. Not even sure what I would Tweet about this one.

Do you like Kate Moss's wedding dress?


Image via Splash News

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