What NOT to Wear on the 4th of July

KohlsWe've discussed some great options for what to wear to your upcoming 4th of July gathering.

Equally important, though, is what not to wear.

For one thing, I would not recommend wearing a pair of red, white and blue stripper heels. No, not even if they came from Kohls and are just $54.99.

Unless you are, in fact, a stripper.

In that case, go for it!

Want to see more clothes and accessories you absolutely should not wear this upcoming Monday?

Read on!



The shirt that looks like it was made from an American flag. (This one's from Zappos and it's $54.) Oh, it seems like a cute idea, but take it from me... There are a very limited number of women who can get away with this look and they are all over 60.


eDressMeCome on. You know better. You. Know. Better. ("dress" from eDressMe, $98)



And it gets worse, friends. These.... "Daisy Dukanties" is the only name I can come up with... cost $154 at Singer22.


Singer22The shirt (Singer22, $128) is neither here nor there. It's fine, albeit a bit pricy and hot for most of our 4th of July celebrations. The hair and makeup on the other hand? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

What do you think of these 4th of July fashion DON'TS?


Images (top to bottom): Kohls, Zappos, eDressMe, Singer22, Singer22

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