Louboutin Stilettos So High They're Suicidal (PHOTOS)

christian louboutinsI don't know about you, but I'd contemplate selling off my first-ever diary for a pair of Christian Louboutins. All the hottest richest celebrities are donning the red-soled designer shoes. And not only are the shoes beautiful, the designer seems like an A-class guy! First, Louboutin agrees to custom design Kim Kardashian's wedding shoes, and now he's made a special pair of 8-inch ballet shoe stilettos to raise funds for the English National Ballet. A man with an eye for the sky and a love for charity? LOVE!

By looking at the shoes (right), I'm gonna go out on a limb and say the lucky winner of tonight's auction isn't exactly planning on wearing these around town. In fact, this pair of Swarovski-encrusted Louboutins are a legimitate piece of art. Can you imagine walking in those?! I bet it's humanly impossible!

Take a look at 6 other items that are too pretty to wear ... almost:



jcrew skirt

This sequin drawstring mini ($179.99, JCrew.com) shines like the top of the Empire State Building.

aldo heels

I feel like I'm staring at a rainforest when looking at this platform sandal ($80, Aldo.com). I'm not exactly sure what I'd wear these with, but there's no doubt they'd be the gorgeous focal point to any ensemble.


The way this dress ($49.95, H&M) is shaped with the sweetheart detailing is just absolutely beautiful, and something about the floral detail makes it look like a classic painting.

victoria's secret bikini

Victoria's Secret has a habit for making too-beautiful swim pieces, complete with gemstone embellishments. These suits (left, $49, right, $70) will make you the center of attention on the sand, for sure.

michael kors watchesMichael Kors is out with a new line of watches that are absolutely to die for. These two designs (left, $225, right, $250) are so delicate, I'd almost be afraid to wear them out! And the Mother of Pearl center on the left? I die.

Do you have any clothes or accessories that are almost too beautiful to wear?


Image via DailyMail UK

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