Anne Hathaway’s Catwoman Suit May Disappoint the Guys

anne hathawayAnne Hathaway is sexy whether she likes it or not. She can try to be all cute and "I'm just a doe-eyed Bwoadway actwess," but the jig is up. Homegirl is hot. With her alabaster skin, raven hair, and Julia Roberts-esque mouth, we can all comfortably assume she's made the rounds in our guy friends' fantasies (and maybe even our guy's). So why won't she just embrace it instead of going all conservative with her Catwoman suit?

Details of her costume for her role in The Dark Knight Rises have emerged and they're totally not what you think. And what I mean by "what you think" is a slutty Halle Berry-like Catwoman costume. It's not like that even a little.


A source close to the movie's costume department reveals that the costume is more "tactical, like the comic book," and "less sexy than Halle Berry and Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman costumes." Anne is apparently even going to be sporting goggles. (Oy.) But don't worry, fan boys, the same source said the outfit is "form-fitting enough to make Anne look smoking hot.”

Now, there's no doubt that both Halle and Michelle looked incredible in their Catwoman suits (not that it takes much to make either one of them look incredible), but I kind of think ol' Anne is on to something here with her more prim and proper play on the role -- and her lack of provocative clothing in general. After all, leaving something to the imagination is always much sexier -- and respectable -- than letting it all hang out.

Picture this if you will: Two women are walking past you. One in a skin-tight, super short dress, the other in a tasteful flowy sundress. Which is more appealing to you? Sure, the first woman gets your (and men's) immediate attention -- but for all the wrong reasons and for only a short time. The second gal is intrinsically more sexy because, well, her lack of look-at-me-clothing shows her confidence. And confidence is ultimately the sexiest thing there is, no?

On the other hand, though (there are always two hands), it is Catwoman, not Anne Hathaway. It might have been a little fun to see the actress wearing clothes that she never would wear in real life. Clothes that would make her appear a little loose-looking. I guess we'll just have to wait for the movie to see what she rocks. Deep thoughts, people.

Are you excited to see Anne in the new Batman?


Image via Anthony Citrano/Flickr

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