‘RHONY’ Star LuAnn de Lesseps Gets Classless New 'Do


luann delesseps
Does she look good as a blonde?
Honestly, I thought Countess LuAnn de Lesseps had more class than this. At a premiere party for her "music" video for her new single "Chic, C'est La Vie," The Real Housewives of New York cast member wore a metallic purple dress by Melanie Harris, light-up shoes by Nina ... and debuted a new blonde hairdo. What. was. she. thinking.

I've never been a fan of LuAnn's on RHONY (I find her entirely hoity, self-righteous, and mean), but her style never offended me. Sure she bashed us over the head with her Native American ancestry by wearing a ton of turquoise and not a few nature-themed statement necklaces, but overall I thought she generally looked age-appropriate, chic, and sophisticated. Until now. LuAnn looks uhnutso. Did she think it was 1980 and she was headed to Junior Prom? Twitpics of her new 'do after the jump.

First of all, I can't believe that the famous Ted Gibson salon let her do this. Not only did they give her the hideous extensions, but they also dyed her hair -- and that's not easy to undo. Although LuAnn says, "I'm not sure how long I'll keep it," this is going to be hard to clean up. Going from brown to blonde involves bleach, and going back to brown involves dyeing it all over again ... she's going to look like a fried mess.

Here's LuAnn's twitpic of her getting dyed.

And the one showing off her finished blond 'do.

LuAnn isn't the only Housewife with questionable taste in hairdos: Remember that Madonna ponytail that Jill Zarin wore on Watch What Happens Live? Good grief. I'm not sure which look offends me more. Just kidding. Yes I do. LuAnn's. It just screams "look at me" and "I want attention." And fine, I'll be the bad guy here: She looks more like a tranny now more than ever.

Going blonde may have to be left to the younger set. At 46 years old, LuAnn looks like she's trying too hard, and it's not pretty. Is she going to join the blondes' side now? Become besties with Alex, Ramona, and Sonja? Maybe she changed her hair to try and change her alliances.

Whatever the reason may be, it was a bad decision. Ew.

Do you like LuAnn's blonde locks?

Photo via david_shankbone/Flickr

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evwsq... evwsquared

First, I think that it should be illegal for anyone with the name LuAnn to be a Countess. It's just wrong.

Second...the only things I know about this show are second hand, so, yeah, I'm just going to go back to my first comment.

Jenny... JennyG0929

zzzzzz... why is she in the news for this?

Nraw2011 Nraw2011

Countess of what? 

nonmember avatar sam

She is no countess and boy does she look silly.
I guess as the 4th wife she thought she would be the last!

Linda Rizio Boyle

If the article is based on the picture shown then I think we have to get real here. It's obviously either a wig or an photoshopped picture. I mean you can see her dark hair underneath on the right side where either she didn't put the wig on correctly or the photoshopper wasn't very good. I mean you can see a white background between the curls which makes it obvious this hair was literally cut and pasted on her head. Is there not enough fodder for stories about these ladies that we now have to make things up? Sheesh!

Mommy... MommyKKay

Who cares...

And yeah, the picture is obviously fake.

1blue... 1bluemonkey

I clicked the links to get to the real pictures (hint, hint, y'all) and she just needs collagen filler in her lips to complete the failed porn-star look she's currently going for. 

Allison Priest Leonard

uh, the real picture on her Twitter looks nothing like this one. It still doesn't look good, but it looks much better than this weird cut-and-paste thing next to the article.

On another note, do people actually watch this show?

nonmember avatar Andi

LuAnn is trash (once removed)....
Jill is a wretched, unattractive person...
Kelly is stupid and mentally unbalanced...
Dump them!!!

nonmember avatar Aidan Hall

Luann is a tranny

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