What a Year's Worth of Makeup Applied in 1 Day Looks Like (VIDEO)

makeupTwo European directors, Lernert & Sander, have shocked and awed us in past viral video art in which they've melted a chocolate bunny with a hairdryer and used household appliances as sex toys. But their latest venture feels a little more personal. They apply 365 days' worth of "natural" makeup to model Hannelore Knuts in one day. See what happens and how long it takes before the "natural look" makes Knuts look disgusting.

As someone who used to practically live in Sephora and had a blast piling on layers of foundation, blush, lip gloss, and mascara, it rarely occurred to me that wearing makeup might actually hinder beauty. And I'm not talking about just when you pile on so much (for a wedding, for photos, for a TV appearance, etc.) that you kinda look like a drag queen. It's just that seeing what the cumulative effect of day after day of even "light, natural" makeup looks like is definitely more Freddy Krueger than Diane Kruger.


It really makes me wonder about those copious strokes of the mascara brush or swipes of my powder foundation. In one day, it seems like nothing, but what are we really doing to our skin with all of that crap? And beyond the health aspect, is it really even necessary? Aren't we more beautiful without the constant "veil" of creams, powders, and balms?

Not that it's just their opinion that matters, of course, but I know our guys think we are. When they see us putting on our makeup day after day, Lernert & Sander's experiment is probably what they see in their minds, and it scares the hell out of them. After seeing this video, I kinda don't blame 'em!

Check it out for yourself ...

Does this video inspire you to use less makeup?

Image via Akira Ohgaki/Flickr

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