Rachel Zoe Neiman Marcus Line Sneak Peek (PHOTOS)

rachel zoeThere aren't that many style-obsessed people I find palatable, but for some reason Rachel Zoe has totally won me over. She's the skinniest, pruniest, most neuritic person on the planet but I can't say that I don't enjoy watching her do her thang on Bravo. It's inspiring to see someone with so much passion go after what they want, and it's fun to watch her go bananas when she finds vintage Chanel. She's made me a fan of hers, and fan of her eponymous line for Neiman Marcus.

R.Z.'s collection includes apparel, shoes and handbags that are oh so very Zoe. I can just imagine seeing Rachel dying over everything from her line, and arguing with Anne Hathaway about why Anne shouldn't be afraid to wear a single-colored pant suit.

Let's take a look at what Rachel's designed for us!


Beware though, the price points are kind of high. I guess that's natural considering she's selling at one of the highest end department stores out there. Her apparel and shoes average around $350 and the bags around $450. But remember, Rachel did a collection for QVC, so if you can't afford RZ for NM, head to QVC.

Here are some of my favorite looks from the Neiman's assortment:

rachel zoe shoe
Ankle strap shoe, $275
At $275, this pair is the cheapest in the collection. The others look too tall for me to try and walk in.

rachel zoe bag
Emily Buckle Clutch, $350
Put gold hardware on a white leather purse and I can't say no.

rachel zoe vest
Faux-fur Vest, $225
What's a Zoe collection without a little fake fur action? I die.

rachel zoe top
Floral print top, $195
Great for all seasons, and the price isn't bad, either.

rachel zoe suit
Cream tailored suit, $900
If I could, I would. Ba-nan-as.

rachel zoe white dress
Silk gown, $595
Not bad for a wedding dress, the red carpet, or a late brunch with fancy friends, right?

Rachel's fall collection is pretty rad, and totally Zoe. I could've picked these clothes out of a fashion line and known they were designed by the iconic stylist.

Do you like what you see?

WATCH Rachel talk with NM fashion director, Ken Downing, about her line:

Photos courtesy of neimanmarcus.com

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