A New, Self-Esteem Boosting Way to Shop for a Swimsuit

girls on a beachChristina Hendricks may be va-va-voom gorgeous, but the Mad Men star actually shares a common frustrating style problem with the rest of the world: She has trouble finding a swimsuit.

Granted, her "trouble" comes from the fact that she is wonderfully well-endowed (must be nice!), but it's an issue nonetheless. The actress says that it's really hard to find a swimsuit when you "have breasts" because they either get "smooshed down or you have no support at all."

Huh. As someone who doesn't suffer from that problem, I must admit, I never thought about that. I, like every other woman in the world (save for Miranda Kerr), have my own bathing suit issues. And you have yours. And you have yours. So, whaddaya say? Let's fix 'em!

Christina Hendricks

There are certain "rules" we should abide by when shopping for a swimsuit -- and they're different for every body type. Read on for a few helpful pointers that might just make your next shopping trip ... more pleasant than your last root canal.

Shop on "thin days." Really, what are you thinking going swimsuit hunting three days into your period? And that's not some dumb "tee-hee, I'm a girl" bull, it's science. You are retaining water. You probably don't look half as bad as you think you do, but nonetheless it's Bad Idea Jeans.

Opt for stores with forgiving lighting. Do you ever look at yourself in a certain light and think, "Damn, this is really what I look like? Gross!" It's not you, it's the lighting. And chances are you're at a store like Macy's or Bloomingdale's when you think this. I have no idea why these stores use this light (it only makes us not want to buy things), but for some reason they do. Avoid.

Wear a heel with your suit. No, not a lucite, porn star platform, something like a tasteful straw wedge -- one without any straps or buckles. You want to create the appearance of longer legs. Longer = leaner-looking.

Buy separate. Love the way the white top fits, but hate the bottom? Really like the black bottom, but aren't so keen on the style of the top? Buy one of each. Most stores now sell things separately. Plus, two different colors create the illusion of balance. Go for lighter, printed tops and darker, solid bottoms.

Know what looks good on you. You know what styles suit you best -- embrace them. Don't be afraid of overkill. If you have a great butt, show it off with some boy shorts. If you have a flat chest, pick up a padded top. If you have bigger boobs, try a halter. The possibilities are endless. It may take a while, but there's definitely something out there for you. And if all else fails, take comfort in the fact that Spanx makes swimsuits.

What swimsuit shopping tips do you have?


Image via Jemingway/Flickr

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