Plastic Surgery Trend Makes 'Real Housewives' Look Like Amateurs

plastic surgery trend bagel headJust this morning at pre-school drop-off, a few moms mused about going under the knife. Hey, we're all getting older, puffier, baggier ... and it's L.A. So while I'm not against plastic surgery, per se, I do think getting a saline bagel on your head is really taking it way too far. Perhaps I just haven't lived in L.A. long enough. 

I realize the plastic surgery bagel head look isn't what Santa Monica moms are lining up for -- that's Botox, silly! I also know this trend of plugging an IV into your forehead until you get a round swollen space, then pressing your finger in the middle to create a bagel (yes, I JUST WROTE THAT) is big in Japan, and is part of the trend of body modification. But nipping, tucking, plumping, and preening via the medical world is all kind of in the same club.

Which is why I think it's time we stopped the madness.


On the one hand, if you're unhappy with the way you look, you should be able to do something about it. But on the other hand, I worry that all of this body modification perpetuates self-loathing rather than self-confidence. These people are putting IVs in their heads!!! Did you see these pictures?

I'm trying to find the difference between what I saw ROHNY Jill Zarin do with needles on last week's episode and these kids, and I'm struggling a little bit. One woman's "prettier" is another woman's "totally disgusting." Hey, if you don't like plastic surgery, you don't have to get it. So maybe I should leave the liquid face lift gals and breakfast food heads alone. Still, I have to say it one more time to all of the above: GROSS.

Do you think this new body modification thing is any different than a face lift?


Image via Keroppy Maeda

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