Diana and Kate Together in 'Newsweek': Is This Photoshopped Cover Inappropriate?

NewsweekOh, Photoshop.

Without you, life would be a lot less interesting.

And Kate Middleton and Princess Diana wouldn't be able to appear together on a magazine cover.

Yes, folks, Newsweek has harnessed the mighty power of Photoshop for its latest cover and put Kate and a digitally altered and aged Diana together.

Only something about it seems ... inappropriate.

I can't imagine Prince William is thrilled with the shot. Or Kate, for that matter.

Is it just me, or do you think this cover is tacky?


It promotes a vapid article (which you can read here) about what Diana might have been like at 50. The writer, Tina Brown, clearly is trying to be clever and urbane, bragging about her own insider status as much as she speculates about the late princess.

I think she misses the point entirely, besides her assertion that Diana would be an expert at mixing J.Crew and Galliano, much in the same way that Michelle Obama is able to blend high- and low-end fashion.

I like to think that Diana at 50 would have gained perspective and wisdom. I think she'd be elated with her son's marriage and his new wife, and I think she would eagerly await the arrival of grandchildren.

I think she and Kate would take a lot of shopping trips together, and I think that Kate would be the recipient of some awesome hand-me-downs from Diana's closet. I think Kate and Diana would get along really well, and fashion, beauty, and shopping would be some of their major bonding points.

And I don't think Diana would appreciate a Photoshopped news magazine cover, if she could have seen into the future, of what she might have looked like at 50, beside the daughter-in-law she never had a chance to meet.

What do you think of the Newsweek cover? Tasteless or titillating?


Image via Newsweek

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