How to Wear Sheer Clothing Without Getting Arrested

jennifer aniston
Jennifer Aniston in a sheer skirt
It's the Year of Sheer! Or Summer of Sheer, at least, but that doesn't exactly have the same ring, now does it? Anyway, every which way you look, it seems like celebs are rocking (and stores are carrying) sheer everything. It's all bra straps showing, diaphanous sleeves, and skirts under see-through skirts. Not exactly an easy look to pull off ... but one you can, we swear!

With a few pointers -- and a few great options -- here's everything you need to know about the Year of Sheer. I refuse to give that up.


Now, before we get to the fun stuff -- the clothes -- allow me to bestow a few pointers I've acquired about doing the sheer look:

  • If your bra is going to be showing, do a darker version of whatever sheer you're wearing. For instance, if you're doing sheer white, wear a white (or tan) bra. If you're doing black, wear black. Purple, darker purple, etc. etc. etc.
  • Have a little bit of a tan. Especially for the "light sheers." 'Cause nobody wants to see our pasty-ass skin underneath beautiful, airy fabrics.
  • Wear your hair loose and down. If you're going to get all ethereal, might as well have the hair to boot. Loose curls or a straggly straight 'do all would work well with sheer.

Now on to the fun part! Here are five sheer looks that would look great on you. No, really, they would.

urban outfitters top

Kimchi Blue Printed Chiffon Ruffle Blouse, Urban Outfitters ($24.99). This would be a "black bra" example. And of course, if you don't feel comfortable showing your undergarments, a tight black cami or tube top bodysuit would work just as well.

american apparel skirt

Chiffon Full Length Skirt, American Apparel ($46). Gaw-geous. Pair with a black tank (as shown) or a loose-fitting, well-worn white v-neck (as I'd wear). And definitely add jewelry.

asos dress

Lipsy Dress With Sheer Angel Drape Sleeve, Asos ($32.75 [on sale from $94.81!]). For when you want to go fancy, a little Dancing With the Stars. All you need is a good strapless bra and you're good to go.

anthropologie scarf

Adamento scarf, Anthropologie ($58). Loving. This scarf is perfect for softening an edgy, all-black outfit, or adding a little sparkle to a casual (lighter) one. (For the bra, it's chef's choice!)

lauren conrad top

LC Lauren Conrad Eyelet Peasant Top, Kohl's ($20.80 [on sale from $44]). Perfect for a casual summer day. Please wear a tan with this.

Will you be wearing sheer this summer?


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