'Newsweek' Princess Diana Cover Got One Thing Right

newsweekAs much as the photoshopped Princess Diana atrocity pains me, the one thing that Newsweek nails in its accompanying article is the late princess's style. In what might be the creepiest and laziest piece of fake news I've seen since Bigfoot was spotted in North Carolina, the July 4 edition of the magazine shows Princess Diana walking side by side with her adoring daughter-in-law Kate Middleton.

And the world is outraged!

The front-page article imagines what Diana would be like at 50 (she'd be friends with Camilla on Facebook and would hang out with Gwyneth Paltrow, it says) and features digitally-aged images of the deceased Princess, fake tweets she would've written, and assumptions she would've had Botox, lived in NY, and shopped at J.Crew.


I do agree that she would've dressed similarly to Michelle Obama, combining elements of casual cool and Diplomat-chic. While the digitally-aged face looks like a total Photoshop Fail, her classic style was captured in the cream dress, button earrings, and elegant fascinator. Diana was loved for her philanthropy as much as she was adored for her timeless beauty and style -- I'm happy Newsweek was able to capture her elegance and sophistication.

As much as I agree with the fashion choices they made for Diana, I still think the entire article is baloney. Diana would've been 50 on July 1, but the article does little to celebrate her accomplishments and instead hypothesizes on what she could have been.

I wonder what William and Harry think of this. It must be hard to look at images of your dead mother as if she were alive and hanging out with Kate. The crass "story" is an offense to Diana and her family. Is this what journalism has become -- plain old fake news and hypotheticals?

Maybe Newsweek is just showing us the tip of the iceberg. Rembrandt turns 404 on July 15 -- perhaps Newsweek would like to imagine what he'd look like now and what he'd be tweeting about. "Hey guys -- feeling kinda moody. Thinking about doing a portrait tonight." Then they could have "photos" of Rembrandt walking around the Louvre taking illegal photos of the paintings with his iPhone.

Exhuming the dead is just ... weird. And pointless. I don't think it helps anyone heal and I don't think it's appropriate to assume what someone's life would've been like. The undead only belong in horror movies and, from what I've experienced, the J train. They don't belong on magazine covers.

Do you think the Newsweek article is tacky or totally cool?

Photo via Newsweek

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