Kim Kardashian Uses Vera Wang in Wedding Dress Scam

vera wangKim Kardashian isn't wasting any time getting all the details in order for her summer nuptials. Today, she was out and about taking care of something we're all plotting anxiously to tweak out over ... the WEDDING DRESS. After Kate Middleton and maybe Bella Swan's, Kim's dress is the most anticipated wedding frock of the year. And I'm sure she's well-aware that we're all dying to know how she's going to go -- snazzy, classy, sexy, form-fitting? (most likely -- this is Kim, after all), retro, white, cream or even a color? One of each?

That, my friends, is why it comes as no surprise that KK was chillin' with none other than Vera Wang today. The designer who was made famous by her wedding dresses is now a household name, thanks to her contributions to numerous Hollywood weddings and brand extensions, like her perfumes, shoes, and Kohl's line. Given that and the fact that Kim is having her wedding broadcast, it's clear as day that various aspects of this wedding aren't just for her.


They're also for her fans.

Wearing one or several Vera Wang wedding dresses (nothing's confirmed yet, but a source told OK! that she will have two or three custom VW gowns) would be perfectly in line with all of the other status symbols we crave and expect from Kim. It's like walking around with a Louis Vuitton bag or Jimmy Choo shoes or saying she stays at the Ritz on vacay. It's a rich celeb thing that we lowly normal folk can visualize ourselves actually, potentially obtaining someday. It's "aspirational."

And let's be real. What bride doesn't aspire to have VERA WANG herself design her wedding gown?! With this plan, Kim has every tabloid, every YouTube report, every women's mag soaking up even more details about her dress. (As if they wouldn't be all over it anyway.) Vera's name adds more star power.

Skeptical and think Kim could care less about what having a custom Vera Wang means? Consider this: She and sister Kourtney went into Vera's store early this morning, and Kim, wearing a crazy-ass animal print jumpsuit ("Look at me!"-wear if I ever heard of it) was followed by a camera crew. I'm sure this benign "shopping outing" was captured in all of its glossy glory for future reality TV show viewing.

But, whatever her reasons for opting for Vera, I'm sure the dress will be fit for a queen. After all, we know Kim wouldn't settle for anything less.

Do you think Kim is planning to wear a Vera Wang dress? What do you think it will look like?



Image via David Shankbone/Flickr

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