Kate Middleton Needs Help Getting Dressed Every Morning

kate middletonWhether she has people working behind the scenes for her or not, there's no question that Kate Middleton has great style. However, it's being reported that she is not in fact going at it alone anymore. No, she doesn't have a stylist (and exhale). But she does have a personal shopper.

Let's get real for a minute here: How could she not? We all need to accept the fact that she's no longer a woman of the people. She doesn't have anything in common with you or with me. She's royalty. And HRH needs a personal shopper.

The main component of her "job" is to wear pretty things and be photographed in them -- often. I know she has a penchant for beautiful clothes, but it's just not humanly possible to shop that much. Well, it is, but just not well. Come on, you know what I'm talking about. Sometimes shopping sucks.


I call it pressure shopping. It's when you have to buy something for something -- and you're on a time limit. Example, your boyfriend or husband or lover tells you that his high-falutin' office party is this weekend -- pressure shop! Just last night I realized I'm going away in a few weeks and have nothing to wear -- pressure shop ('cause I'll wait 'til the last minute)! Kate Middleton needs 40 different outfits for her North American tour -- pressure shop! I mean, that's a lot of outfits, even for the most fashiony of people.

I love the fact that Kate refuses to go all out on the "royal" stuff, eschewing maids, and dressers, and lassies in waiting. But a personal shopper will keep her interested in clothes -- and us interested in her. If she continued to do this alone, it probably wouldn't be fun for anyone. With all the outfits she needs to "debut," she simply wouldn't have enough time to find fresh, new pieces to dazzle us in. A personal shopper -- which is different from a stylist -- will simply pull clothes for Kate, and she will choose what she likes and what she wouldn't be caught dead in. And without a stylist, she is still making her "choices" her own (IE, deciding how to wear her hair, jewelry, etc.)

Perhaps we should all look into personal shoppers when we need to pressure shop. I know what you're thinking right now: "Whoa. What, do you think I'm made of money or something?" Actually, no, I don't. 'Cause you know how much they cost? Nothing! For the most part. Big stores like J.Crew, Barney's, and Macy's offer personal shoppers at no cost. All you have to do is talk with shopper, tell them what you're looking for, and they'll pull things for you while you go to the pet store to play with the puppies. And everybody knows, there's no pressure when playing with puppies.

What do you think of Kate getting a personal shopper? Would you ever get one?



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