What's Your Best Bridesmaid Fashion Horror Story?

BridesmaidsThe Daily Mail has a hilarious article up today with tales of bridesmaids who messed up the wedding in one way or another, generally in the vein of fashion and beauty.

One, for example, got an awful fake tan that ruined all the wedding photos.

Another, in a ghastly wardrobe malfunction, accidentally exposed her boob to the entire congregation as she walked down the aisle.

The article made me realize I have an embarrassing bridesmaid fashion tale of my own -- and I'm betting that many of you do, too.

So in the spirit of Bridesmaids (have you seen it? I want to!), let's share! Tell me your most embarrassing bridesmaid story in the comments.

I'll tell you mine -- after the jump!


Here's my most embarrassing bridesmaid story:

The bride was my then-boyfriend's sister. I couldn't make it across the country for a dress fitting, so I called in my measurements to the shop instead. When the shop attendant told me I'd need a bridesmaid dress that was TWICE my usual dress size, I freaked out.

I'm not kidding. I FREAKED OUT.

With the wedding six months away, I went on a total crash diet, something I've never done before or since. I lost 30 POUNDS in that time, and weighed just 110 pounds when I showed up for the wedding. I went to pick up my SIZE 14 DRESS and obviously, was swimming in it. It looked horrible on me -- the other bridesmaids actually laughed when they saw me in it -- but the wedding was the next day and there was nothing anyone could do about it. No, my faux pas wasn't as bad as a bad fake tan, but I know the bride wasn't happy with how ridiculous I looked in my tent of a dress and looking back, I have to wonder: WHAT WAS I THINKING?

To make matters worse, I broke up with her brother shortly afterward, after six years of dating. It wasn't pretty. And while I've been long gone for more than a decade, I'm in her wedding photos FOREVER.

This is not a great moment of pride for me.

So. I've shared mine. Now you tell me yours. What's your most embarrassing bridesmaid story?


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