Minx Manicures: How to Get the High-Priced Look at Home

Lily AllenHave you gotten a Minx Manicure yet?

It's the latest word in manicures -- an ultra-thin sticker applied to your nails that allows you to wear graphic prints or metallic foil (like Lily Allen here) on your fingers. Getting a Minx Manicure in a salon can cost a good amount of money, which is probably one of the reasons why it's so popular with celebrities.

But now you can get the same look with products that you can find at Sephora or your local drugstore.

Click through to see them, then tell me in the comments if you plan to rock a Minx Manicure!


SephoraChic Prints (Sephora, $15) cost just $15 for a set and come in all sorts of patterns and styles, from stars to skulls to giraffe spots. These "nail patches" are getting rave reviews from customers and make me want to try them.


Sally HansenSally Hansen Salon Effects (Drugstore.com, $9) is even cheaper, and comes in a range of patterns and solid colors. I'm really bad with nail polish and never have time for manicures, so this might be my answer!

Minx Nails originated the look and has this to say about the type of woman who goes in for a Minx manicure:

The golden flash of fingernail as you beckon for the brunch waiter… the sparkling arc as you firmly grasp the last pair of Jimmy Choo's on sale… the perky glint of silver wrapped around a fresh Pinkberry smoothie… once you've been Minxed, your life will never be the same.

Woo hoo! Sign me up!

Have you gotten Minxed? What do you think of the look?

Images (top to bottom): Twitpic, Sephora, Drugstore.com,

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