Pinup Girl Clothing: More Mad Men than 'Mad Men'

Pinup Girl ClothingI wrote earlier today about Banana Republic's new 'Mad Men' capsule collection, created by Mad Men designer Janie Bryant.

But if you're a fan of the show's fashions and retro styles in general, you're going to die when you see the options over at Pinup Girl Clothing.

Pinup Girl has beautiful 50s and 60s-style dresses that are very reasonably priced. Better yet, they're made for curvy girls! 


For example, check out this Gathered Crossover Bust Dress (Pinup Girl Clothing, $82). Is it not THE MOST?

And there's plenty more. Click through to see some of my favorite looks.

Then tell me what you think of the line in the comments!




Pinup Girl ClothingI'm mad for this Linen Day Dress (Pinup Girl Clothing, $76).


Pinup Girl ClothingIt's appropriate that this is called the Joanie Dress (Pinup Girl Clothing, $96), don't you think?


Pinup Girl ClothingHow about this Birdie Dress (Pinup Girl Clothing, $118) for your next LBD?


Pinup Girl ClothingBetty Draper fans, rejoice! This Dee Dee Dress (Pinup Girl Clothing, $118) is right up your alley!

There's lots more to choose from, including retro lingerie, shoes and bags, and even swimsuits (which deserve a post of their own and probably will get it!) Check out Pinup Girl Clothing for more, and tell me .... Are you as excited about this site as I am?


Images via Pinup Girl Clothing


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