Vera Wang Slumming It at David's Bridal

vera wang david's bridalThe minute a celebrity announces her engagement, all kinds of speculation begins about the dress. Who will she wear? How much will it cost? (Well, probably nothing if you're a big enough celebrity and the publicity for the designer more than pays for the dress.) And of course, how jealous will we all be that we could never, in a million zillion years, afford a wedding gown like that.

Well, people, those days of coveting top designers we can never afford are over. The end of the (fashion) world is coming, as Vera Wang starts hawking her frocks at David's Bridal. Yes, the people who brought you these tacky bridesmaid dresses.


For under $1,500, you too can walk down the aisle in a gown by one of the most innovative, and impressive, wedding gown designers in the world. And I'm not sure how I feel about that. I mean, shouldn't some things be unattainable to us mere mortals. (Here's where I admit to getting my own Vera Wang wedding gown at a sample sale for $500. It was a bridesmaid dress, but in ivory. I made that sucker work.)

Still, not everyone needs to go all Target, people. High fashion isn't accessible, that's kind of the whole point. Also, think of all the knock-offs that won't have to be sold anymore? Those cheaters need to make money too!

The gowns Wang has designed for David are incredibly lovely. And I'm guessing the cost reduction comes from the mass production of less expensive materials. No, $1,200 isn't a cheap dress. But compared to what the eponymous gowns go for outside of the strip mall, it's a bargain. Now everyone can say they're wearing Vera Wang at their wedding. So what are we supposed to strive for now? Diamond tiaras we can pick up at Claire's Boutique?

What do you think about the Vera Wang dresses for David's Bridal?


Image via David's Bridal

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