'Hairy' Towels Reminds Us to Trim Our Bushes

gilletteI can appreciate any ad campaign that makes me laugh. Especially one that makes me laugh at my hairy armpits. They're hilare! I must give props to the razor company we all know and love, Gillette, for reminding all of us that hair down there and everywhere is just not sexy during the summer. Ad agency BBDO Germany placed these towels all over parks in Deutschland to get the word out about self-depilation and people are totally digging it.

I'd give them an award for this, but they already have one -- they won a Media Bronze Lion for "best use of ambient media, small scale." Nice work!

Check out the men's towel after the jump and answer me this: are guys supposed to shave or trim their armpit hair?


Is that like a European thing? Because I for one am not into that. The hairier the chest, the better, I say. And I'd be suspicious of any guy that coiffed his armpit hair like he would a poodle. Just let it grow! It's fine. I think it'd be grosser if a dude had "pretty" underarm hair or, worse, stubble, than if he had a giant weave growing out of his pit. Just me?


I'm sort of jealous these towels weren't laid out in Central Park, because I could've used a laugh, a free towel, and a reminder to mow my lawn if you know what I mean oh my god I can't believe I just said that. So! Anyway.

When beauty and humor combine, it's a wonderful thing. Just ask Jessica Simpson. She's hilarious and beautiful ... and now she's a billionaire. Gillette and BBDO know what they're doing, and I salute them. Just wish they'd bring some of their hairy humor to the States!

Do you think the ads are gross or awesome?

Courtesy photos via Gillette

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