Why Cameron Diaz Can Wear Mini Skirts & You Can't

cameron diazI'm not Cameron Diaz's biggest fan, and I've let that be known. But one thing I will say is, damn, she has a nice pair of getaway sticks. Gams, stems, legs people! The 38-year-old Bad Teacher actress wore a very short Chanel minidress at the film's premiere. And even though I'm not the biggest fan of women over, oh, I don't know, the age of 35 wearing dresses that short, I have to say, homegirl looked good.

Cameron is the exception, though. Sorry, but she and other long, tall Sallys can rock the mini because their legs are their best asset. If you've got legs for days, have at it, ladies. If you don't -- and you're not a teenager -- well, maybe try these sexy things instead.


A Plunging Neckline. Decolletages and, well, boobies in general will almost always be sexy. Instead of wearing a dress that Tamra Barney would wear on a date with Eddie, try pants -- or a longer skirt -- with a deep(ish) V-neck. A big, chunky necklace would look great with this, too -- and bring lots of attention there!

High Heels. I mean high. Not only do they make you look like a bad mama jama, they elongate you and make you look thinner. I'm partial to a nude platform pump. It looks good with anything and great on anyone.

A Cat Eye. Not a drag queen cat eye, more of a kitten eye, if you will. Just a bit of razzle-dazzle to your boring, old peepers that's not a classic smoky eye. Drag some eyeliner (I like Avon's glimmersticks) a wee bit past the corner of your eye and voila! Sexual eyes.

The Right Pair of Jeans. Or pants. In my humble opinion, nothing is sexier than the perfect-fitting tight pair of pants. (And black never fails.) Shell out the extra dough for a pair of really good jeans or pants. Your ass will thank you. And if you're a really rich person who can afford things like pedicures and frozen yogurt, cough up the cash for two pairs. 'Cause you can never have enough good jeans.

I actually think I inadvertently created an entire look here for you, ladies. Tight jeans, a loose-fitting v-neck top, nude heels, and a cat eye. Damn, you're sexy!

What do you wear to feel sexy?

Image Stephen Lovekin/Getty

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