Pippa Steps Out in (GASP) Nude Pantyhose: Would You?

Pippa MiddletonStop the presses, everyone!

Stop the bloody presses!

Pippa Middleton was spotted in Paris wearing ...





Billions of global citizens are outraged.

I mean, the one lesson that every young girl is taught at her mother's knee is this:

You don't wear nude pantyhose. You just don't.

But now that Pippa, jet-setting fashion arbiter, is doing it ...



I could be wrong, but I'm guessing that Pippa thought she'd found a pair that would leave royal watchers none the wiser about the supposed bareness of her legs. They would simply look flawless, not encased in a dowdy pair of nude pantyhose.

But with the flashes going off, the sheen is sadly obvious.

The jig is up. Pippa's in pantyhose.

I still can't believe I'm writing those words. And they're true. And I'm not the only one reeling in the wake of these photos.

From New York Magazine:

It has been generally, silently accepted that the only person who can get away with nude pantyhose is Beyoncé, when she is performing onstage in her leotards.

From NBC's Today:

“There’s an odd, unspoken message generally assumed that the wearer is trying to conceal or hide her legs, but it ironically draws more attention,” said TODAY style editor Bobbie Thomas. “Especially because sheer ‘natural’ shades of pantyhose don’t appear as natural as more-modern innovations that can enhance appearance do.”

And from The Telegraph:

Sales of nude hosiery, which darkens pale legs without the need for fake tan, have risen by up to 85 percent in the past year.

Wait. WHAT?!

Could Pippa be behind the upsurge in nude hosiery sales?!!

What do you think?

And are you wearing nude pantyhose? Come on, be honest. ARE YOU?


Image via Splash News

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