Fanny Packs You Won't Be Embarrassed to Wear in Public

cool fanny packsIt's summertime, which means travel time. Which means you've got to find a way to carry the stuff you need, without hindering your ability to hike up the Spanish steps. Keeping your belongings safe, lightweight, and within your control has historically meant you look like a grade A dork. But the fanny pack of the '80s and '90s has come a long way, baby. 

In fact, there are so many cool packs to choose from, you could buy one for each travel day. Why not strap on these cool fanny packs the next time you pull out your passport?


The Hipshack

This soft denim hipshack ($39) basically looks like a purse. Which is an absolutely fabulous thing. Get it in hot pink and be the coolest gal on the Seine.

cool fanny packsLululemon Travel Pooch

Even though this is called a pooch, you won't have one on your front if you strap on this fab hands-free travel bag from Lululemon ($48). You can wear it around your back or on your bum (which, given Lululemon's history, should make your butt look fantastic).

cool fanny packsKinies Ruffled Waist Purse

This bag doesn't even pretend to be a fanny pack, but functions just like one. This ruffled waist purse ($38) in blue, beige, and red is a perfect summer accessory while traveling abroad.

cool fanny packsSassy Leather Belt With Pouches

This fanny pack doesn't just do the job, it makes your outfit. Yes, you will look like a badass toting this leather belt pack ($135) around instead of a dumbass.

cool fanny packsHappy Cow Leather Hip Bag

Another very purse-like option from Happy Cow, these leather hip bags ($73.15) just look like you're carrying your bag in a non-traditional manner. Goes especially well with low-rise jeans.

Do you rock the fanny pack?

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