Why You Should Put On Sweatpants NOW

britney spearsSometimes I dress like a homeless woman. Baggy sweatpants, dirty sweater, old basketball high tops from high school ... I can look like a real Frumps McGees when I want to. It feels just as good to dress way down sometimes as it does to dress way up for a fancy event -- it's exciting and unfamiliar and I'll be damned if I don't feel a bit dangerous when I venture to the extreme of either side of the fashion spectrum.

There are some celebrities out there, gorgeous Hollywood stars, who enjoy a pair of Champion sweats as much as I do. They can look flawless on the red carpet, but when it comes to everyday coffee runs or trips to the park with their kids, someone might assume they're in need of some spare change and a warm place to sleep. Is it OK to frumpify oneself from time to time?


Hell yes. In case you didn't hear me the first time, AW HELL YES. I believe there is some chemical released in our brains when we leave the house looking gross that gives us some sort of high that makes us impervious to lingering, questioning stares and the overall judgement from the outside world. For us laypeople, the outside world is whoever has the displeasure of seeing us as we move from our houses to our cars to our errands.

For celebrities, the outside world is anyone with the Internet. We've all seen stars like Mischa Barton, Jennifer Garner, and Britney Spears look less than coiffed when doing day-to-day activities. I happen to have a massive girl crush on Jennifer Garner, so she can really do no wrong in my book. I love that she wears old jeans, a sweater, and a sports bra to her kids' soccer games and sets up on the sidelines with a folding chair and bottle of water. Classic!

Britney and Mischa I have less of an affection for, but I still give them their right to frumpify. While I wouldn't mind Britney running a comb through her dreads before she left the house, it is still her prerogative to look gross. I won't touch on the Olsen twins because I think their aesthetic is not about frumpifying -- I think that's just how they like to dress all the time. Right?

Go forth and frumpify. Isn't there a song that says "dance like no one's watching"? Dress like no one's looking I think is what they meant.

Do you like to frumpify yourself, or do you always look good?

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