Justin Bieber Wears My New Favorite T-Shirt

justin bieberTurns out Justin Bieber and I have more in common than just a killer falsetto: we share a deep love for Kelly Kapowski. The 17-year-old pop sensation wore a T-shirt with Kelly's face on it, a light pink D&G tuxedo jacket, and jeans to the MuchMusic Awards where he won video of the year ("Somebody to Love"). His hair perfectly combed across the top half of his head and his eyebrows beautifully quaffed, Bieber outdid himself with his sartorial nod to the greatest show ever made, Saved by the Bell.

Growing up, there was no one cooler than Kelly Kapowski, played by Tiffani-Amber Thiessen. Her long dark hair, her neon midriff-baring shirts, her charisma ... she was what every girl growing up in the early '90s wanted to be. And now Bieber, who must have caught some TBS reruns here and there, has discovered that there's no one more awesome than Kelly. It's been 18 years since SBTB was cancelled, so does Bieber's homage prove that Kelly is the ultimate hottie?


I like to think so. Kelly taught me everything there is to know about juggling boyfriends, volleyball, and cheerleading, so it's really no surprise that her lessons and appeal have extended beyond the shelf life of the show. Theissen (and probably the fictitious Kelly) is now 37 years old, a full 20 years older than Bieber, but that doesn't matter. She'll forever be a 16-year-old student at Bayside High as far as I, and Bieber, are concerned.

kelly kapowski t shirt

Maybe Justin likes the older ladies. Or maybe Justin is giving a shout-out to us cougars in their late 20s who grew up watching SBTB. Maybe he's sending us a sign that he digs our childhood interests. Maybe he's looking to lose Selena and focus on a woman with a license, a 9-5 job, and student loans. Wearing a Kelly t-shirt can say so much!

It pains me to think that Bieber would be wearing the shirt in an ironic way, so I'll choose to think that he's sincere. (No one makes fun of my Kelly, you hear me?) And if malnutritioned Selena has anything negative to say about Ms. Kapowski, then unfortunately I would have to come after her. And I hate fighting people who've just been released from the hospital; they smell so medicine-y. But if she dissed Kelly, I'd have to run up to her, put my finger somewhere in the near but not-too-close vicinity of her face, and say, "You! You! You not nice girl!"

What do you think of Bieber's Kelly shirt?

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