Kendall Jenner Will Never Be Kim Kardashian

kim kardashian kendall jennerKim Kardashian seems not only to wear many hats in her career (designer, entertainer, socialite, reality show star), but her personality seems changeable, as well. One minute she's the boy-crazy brunette at the bar, the next she's a take-charge diva at her store DASH or, while making wedding plans, and in last night's Keeping Up With the Kardashians, she came off as an impatient, control freak big sister to little sister, Kendall Jenner.

Despite having somewhat of a modeling career already, 15-year-old Jenner doesn't seem eager to continue down the runway course. She says she never wanted to do runway modeling in the first place, then confesses to the camera that Kim originally wanted to do runway herself, but was too short for it, so she thinks she's "taking her fantasy out" on her. Eeek. Yeah, like Bruce Jenner told Kim later in the episode, Kim was coming off like a stage mother, her behavior eerily reeking of Mama Rose and Toddlers & Tiaras drama.


But, I feel for Kim. Maybe it's cuz we both have little sisters.

Looking back, I definitely tried to and succeeded in influencing my sister to do and try different beauty-related things when she was young. I'd let her play with my friends and me when we did our hair and makeup. I brought her on shopping trips to Sephora and taught her everything there was to know about Stila lip gloss and NARS blushes. I envied the bouncy curly hair she had as a child, and I'd always volunteer to do it for her, because I had straight hair that wouldn't do much of anything, and my mom never really was one for braiding or "doing" our hair unless we explicitly asked. Unlike the Jenner-Kardashian brood, modeling was never an issue in my fam, since my sister is Kim's size (5'2"), and I'm only 4'11".

But see, I get where Kim is coming from. When you have a little sister, it's almost instinctual to act a bit motherly, offering guidance, because every stage your sister goes through, you think, "Oh man, I've been there and done that, and it was hard for XYZ reasons, and I'd like to make it easier on my little sister!" I bet Kim truly believes Kendall wants to model, or at least give it a shot. Or she thinks that even if she puts up a fight, she'll be better off for being given a little push. Either way, she is looking out for her little sis. But from one big sister to another, I'd tell Kim that she would be wise to figure out when to back off, too.

At 15, Kendall's not a little kid anymore. She's figuring out what's best for her, and if Kim, Kris, or anyone pushes her too hard, she'll probably end up running away from any of their "fantasies." In her mid-teens, my sister certainly carved out her own sense of beauty and style, and in many ways, it varied greatly from what I passed down to her. And that's okay. It may have frustrated me a little that she suddenly balked at some of my own fashion choices, but now I'm proud of her for that -- for coming into her own. Kim -- with her own full life ahead of her -- has got to realize that unless she wants her little sis to resent her for the rest of both their lives, it's time to let Kendall design her next steps for herself.

Do you have any sympathy for Kim, or do you think she needs to back off of Kendall completely?


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