Beach Hair, and How to Get It

Beach HairWe've been at the beach all week and I think you'll agree by this photo I snapped of my seven-year-old daughter that she's got the beach hair look down pat.

Me? Not so much.

I attempted to get the beach hair look by spritzing my hair with a little Bumble and bumble Surf Spray (Amazon, $23.75) and letting the wind do its thing. The result wasn't good, my friends.

So the moment I got home today, I got some expert advice on how to achieve perfect summer beach hair (the dirty witch hair I perfected will have to wait for another post).

Click through to find out how to get the look for yourself, whether you're at the beach or not!


The best advice comes from Ken Paves, BFF to Jessica Simpson. He gave his best beach hair advice to and included several different beach hair looks for several different hair types. Here's one I want to try:

For those who dare to surf into more adventurous territory, try setting your hair into braids before bed for a true beach look. For fine hair apply a conditioning mousse and for thick hair apply a relaxing balm to your towel dried hair. Remember always comb your product through for even distribution. For a more modern look, I recommend starting your braids two inches from your scalp. Also, larger braids will produce looser wave and smaller braids will result in a crimped look. When you wake up unbraid your dry hair and loosen your waves by finger styling with a lightweight greaseless shine serum.

Hmm. It could work, I guess. Maybe I'll try it and take a few pictures to show you how it turned out.

Refinery29 had a variation on the beach braids from Bumble and bumble Editorial Stylist Sabrina Michaels:

1. To get that great beachy ropey texture start with damp hair and spritz with a texturizer like Surf Spray, $22, part hair into six sections and loosely braid. Spritz each braid with a soft- to medium-hold styling spray like Does it All Hairspray, $22.

2. Blast each braid with a blowdryer until dry, or sleep on the braids.

3. Gently unravel the braids and rake fingers through hair. Spray a little with Bumble and bumble Hair Powder, $35, to create more texture.

Refinery29 has more advice in this post, along with some great photos of models sporting the beach hair look.

And here's advice from that I actually don't recommend, only because this is pretty much what I tried at the beach, with disastrous results.

For a fast, quick-drying version of beachy waves, towel-dry hair and comb out hair. Spray mousse in your palm (baseball-size if you have long hair, golf ball-size if it's shoulder-length or shorter). Tilt your head to the size and scrunch mousse from the ends on up on one side, then repeat on the other side. Let hair air-dry, scrunching every so often as it dries. DON'T brush hair out.

Now I'd love to know some of your best beach hair tips. What do you do to get tousled, natural-looking, beachy waves?


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