Robots Want to Take All the Fun Out of Shopping

robotThere are lots of things I like my robots doing. Testing stuff that's potentially toxic; going into outer space to "check things out"; and ironing George Jetson's shirts while dishing out pithy insults for my amusement, to name a few. What I don't want robots doing is trying on clothes for me. But they're going ahead and doing it anyway. Heavens to murgatroid.

An Estonian startup, Fits.Me, has invented Female FitBot, the shape-shifting mannequin that tries on clothes for you. Welcome to the future, ladies. In case you haven't noticed, it's bleak.


The purpose of FitBot is to try clothes on for you while you're shopping online. You simply enter your measurements and FitBot shifts her waist, bosom, and other girly bits to your liking. Then you get to see what online clothes will look like "on your body." The purpose is to cut down on returns.

Cool concept? Of course -- there's a robot trying on clothes for you! But I'm not so sure I buy into it. First off, there's more to clothes than how they fit. Your skin tone, hair color, and even hairstyle all play a factor in whether or not something looks good. And second of all, why are you trying to take away from America's Favorite Pastime, FitBot?

Not only does actual shopping provide a better workout than online shopping, which only requires sitting on your ass and moving your fingers, it's more fun. Don't you love heading out with your sister or some friends to socialize and pick up clothes? And isn't it exciting picking up something you didn't set out to purchase? And then what about the best part of all? Coming home and trying it all on again?!

I get that computers and robots are taking over the world, and that's fine, have at it, guys, but can you please just keep your wiry, metallic asses away from our shopping? Sheesh.

Would you want a robot taking shopping away from you?


Image via macinate/Flickr

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