Bella Swan's Wedding Dress Is a Big Disappointment (PHOTOS)

breaking dawn weddingIt’s not every day a woman gets married. Especially to a vampire.

So when Breaking Dawn finally graces us with its presence on the big screen, Kristen Stewart/Bella Swan deserves to get the royally immortal wedding treatment, and recently the designer of her dress was revealed. I must say, I was disappointed. Not that I was expecting black velvet and corsets to embrace her new family, or something along the lines of Lady Gaga’s meat dress (an outfit and reception dinner in one!), but I totally wasn’t expecting something so, well, boring.


Bella will be wearing Carolina Herrera on the big day. Wait, did I miss something? Did Bella turn 35 in those few pages of Breaking Dawn that I skimmed between the really juicy parts? When did she become a fancy fashionista? Last time I checked, she was wearing flannels and jeans, not hitting up Seattle’s fanciest boutiques.

Brides I picture in Carolina Herrera: Kate Middleton, Reese Witherspoon, heck, even Kim Kardashian. But a teenager getting married to a vampire? C’mon, give me young and playful! Some electric youth (that’s right, I just dropped a Debbie Gibson reference)! Breaking Dawn’s stylist should be fired immediately.  

Had I been chosen for the job, these are a few dresses I would’ve picked out for Mrs. Cullen:

j.crew weddingFrom the looks of the leaked wedding scenes, the wedding is taking place in some sort of forest-y locale (how surprising), so this flowy, Midsummer Night's Dream-esque dress ($995) from J.Crew is simple, young, flirty, and perfect.

nicole miller weddingCan't you see Bella riding on Edward's back through the woods with this Nicole Miller dress ($1,300 approx.) flowing in the wind?

anthropologie weddingI always thought that if Bella girlied herself up a little more, she'd love Anthropologie. This dress ($1,600) from their wedding collection, BHLDN, has just enough Victorian inspiration to make her new in-laws swoon.

What did you picture Bella wearing on her wedding day?

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