Snooki Thinks You'd Look Good in Pickles

snookiIs Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi the next fashion empress? The Jersey Shore shortie is expanding her line of slippers -- a collection of flip-flops and sandals is set to be released in time for the 2011 holidays and will retail from $15 to $50. Great! I can't wait to buy some Snooki sandals just as the snow starts to fall in the Northeast and summers at the shore are but a drunk, distant memory.

While the timing for her summer footwear seems to be off, I have to hand it to old Snooks. She just keeps on farting out ways to make money and it seems to be working. I have a theory that she, along with a friend of mine who always, always finds the perfect parking space, are the luckiest people on the planet.

Photos of her new shoes after the jump!


Who else but Snooki could sell giant leopard print slippers and now pink flip-flops with pickles on them? Footwear News reports that more shoes and sandals are in the works, with the second collection set to debut in spring 2012. And it doesn't stop there.

snooki flip flops

Jewelry, sunglasses, denim, lingerie, handbags, beauty products, fragrances, swimwear, and home goods are also in the works under the Snooki line. I'm sorry, home goods? I will give her the benefit of the doubt on all the other categories, but homewares seems to be pushing it. What, is she going to sell Snooki flip cup tables? Bedazzled funnels?

Snooki has a, hmm, she has an interesting style and unique taste, but are there enough fans out there to buy up her wares?

snooki sandals


Unfortunately, I think there are. If Snooki gets some advice from Jessica Simpson, she could turn her niche sense of fashion into a multi-multimillion-dollar business. And then of course, she'll have to run for office of some sort once her fortune is secured. Congresswoman Snooki has a nice ring to it, no?

What do you think of Snooki's line?

Photos via sayhellotojessica/Flickr, Footwear News

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