Zipper Hair: Would You Try This Trend?

Hair ZippersShe's Still Got It reader and college chum Sarah sent me a link to this photo -- proof of a new hair trend that's (not exactly) taking the country by storm:

Zipper hair.

If your goal is to get attention, then this look certainly would fit the bill.

Personally, though, I'd worry all day long that someone was going to unzip me down the back.

I mean, look at it ... How can you resist? I'm just dying to see what happens when I unzip that zipper!

This isn't the only hair zipper out there, ladies.

Click through to see Hair Zippers: THE VIDEO.





Try as I might, I can't find much more information about hair zippers ... or zipper hair ... on the Internet. It looks like only a few people have actually tried the trend, but I suppose it could catch on, and even be quite practical.

For example, let's say you can't decide between red and blonde hair...

Zip one on over the other!

Or you want to wear a skin-tight dress, but need to carry your cash and ID with you.

Zip it into your hair!

What do you think of zipper hair?


Image via My Hair Paradise

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