New Shopping Deals Site Is a Curvy Girl’s Dream Come True

clothesSometime in the very near future, Clique to Know, a designer-duds-at-a-hefty-discount site, is set to launch. And I'm pissed. I can't believe I never thought of the idea to start a flash sale site for full-figured women! Ugh, I can never do anything right! Life sucks!

Akin to sites like Gilt Groupe, Ideeli, and Rue La La, Clique to Know plans on offering designs by Rachel Pally, Arnold Zimberg, Jag Jeans, and Charles David (to name a few) to women sizes 10 and up. And it's about time. Why should skinny girls get all the fun?


I have to be honest, I've never actually shopped on one of these sites. I've signed up for them -- and done lots of online browsing -- but I can't say I've ever actually reaped the benefits of a Stella McCartney blouse for $200 instead of four. 'Cause that's still a lot of money. But for ladies unlike me -- ladies willing to not be such cheapskates -- half price of $400 is a great deal! Why should that only be available to women who fall into a certain size bracket?

I'm a little ashamed to admit I never thought about the fact that larger-sized women couldn't shop on these sites before. Probably because my "browsing" has always been in the privacy of my own home where it's just me (who, please don't think I'm bragging, is under a size 10), my husband, and my dog (who's totally under a size 10 -- bragging!). I think if I were in a store with a plethora of women of all sizes -- and a plethora of small-sized clothes -- I probably would have thought, "Hmph, that's effed up."

Now that I am conscious of it, I'm kind of annoyed it's taken so long for such a site to pop up. Skinny women don't like clothes any more than curvy gals. What's the big idea, Gilt, Ideeli, and Rue?

We can all breathe a sigh of relief now that Clique to Know is here. I'm still really mad I didn't think of it, though. Next time, guys.

Are you excited for Clique to Know?


Image via Diego3336/Flickr

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