Selena Gomez Proves All Blue Is a Fashion Do (PHOTO)

selena gomez and justin bieberSelena Gomez has solved one of my biggest fashion woes. You see, I'm not much for the whole romper/ jumper look, but they're plaguing the summer collections at all of my favorite stores. It's just something about how they sit on my body. The thinnest part of me, and many women, is our waist. To wear a romper correctly, it hugs the hips. Hip hugging couture -- not so flattering on anything-but-stick-thin. 

So how do I get the jumper look, flattering for my shape? Separates. Selena, you're a genius.


Essentially, what makes a jumper a jumper is that both your pieces are the same color (generally speaking) and connected. So wearing all one color, on your own, using separate pieces, gives off the same vibe without the awkward unflattering body shape. Genius I tell you. Just genius.

Gomez has the body (read: teensy tiny frame) to pull off the one-color look, which may be why I didn't even notice that she was wearing separates until I took a closer looksee. And when it comes to translating this look for the everyday woman, it's all about making sure the colors for your two pieces are very similar, if not identical.

Plain and simple: All one color is easy. All one color is quick. In my opinion, all one color is a total do.

However, one thing to note -- it's important to accessorize same color outfits. Even that simple silver chained necklace she's wearing really pops with her look. If it were me, I may jazz it up with a bright colored beaded necklace instead. Like one of these:

summer necklaces

(From left to right: $8.50,, $5.80,, and $38,

Would you rock a one-colored ensemble? What do you think of Selena's look?

Image via SplashNews

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