Full Figured Fashion Week Shouldn't Exist


fffweekWe've all heard of Fashion Week: those two weeks a year in February and September when Lincoln Center is filled with waif models and bloggers, designers, and fashion-lovers frothing at the mouth over clothes 99.99 percent of us could never wear and could never afford.

Well, there's a new Fashion Week in town, ladies and ... ladies. The Full-Figured Fashion Week, or FFFWeek, kicks off today. The third-annual event is aimed at introducing plus-sized fashion to a broader audience and providing the media with access to full-figured fashion they may not otherwise be aware of.

It's about time. Not only stick-thin models want to be fashion-forward. Real women want high-fashion, too. I think this week is great, but there shouldn't be segregation.

It's been argued that the plus-size market has been ignored for too long -- FFFWeek aims at showing department stores and shoppers that creativity in plus-size designs is the way of the future. While in the past clothing for large-size women might have been disheartening to shop for, more designers are starting to produce and sell trend-based clothing in all kinds of sizes.

I think it's only a matter of time before plus-sized high-fashion becomes a huge market for stores and designers. Maybe the NYC Fashion Week and the FFFWeek will one day be one in the same ... if the separation of sizes isn't about a separation in style aesthetic, why should they be separated at all?

The women in FFFWeek look confident, happy, and gorgeous modeling trendy clothes that flatter their full figure. Looking great, ladies!

What do you think of FFFWeek?

Photo via YouTube

Here's a video from last year's runway show:

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Rhond... RhondaVeggie

Flattering? Any dress that reveals and/or creates fat rolls is not flattering. That applies to women with bingo wings wearing sleeveless dresses (you don't even need to be that fat to have flabby arms either, just lazy) and to the size four teens squeezing in to a size two to achieve that oh-so-sexy muffin top look.

There's also a world of difference between designing for regular women and designing for morbidly obese women. Most women will never be skeletal and most women will never be as fat as that woman featured above. The painfully thin models need to go but they should not be replaced by the dangerously fat. If they want real women to buy their clothes then use average women in the shows and ads, say around 8-12 instead of jumping from 2 to 24.

Majic... Majicaleve

u r rude and nasty.

  Who cares what size you are as long as you are happy with what you look like, the industry has created a DANGEROUS icon of too thin woman that the younger geration has aspired to become and many become sick and actually die trying to achieve this.

You dare to come here and BASH woman for being bigger than what you call average woman.  You are no better than those instilling in our youth to be a double 0.angry

Zamaria Zamaria

Nicely written article! I think that RhondaVeggie obviously lacks the manners and courtesy to get her point across without insulting others, but in essence what she is saying is about right. I want my kids to look up to and want to look like healthy women. The lady in the photograph above doesn't really look healthy. Neither do the more mainstream models. I think that fashion models should be people who fall in the healthy range. I've seen plus size models who look healthy and beautiful. I've seen a very few mainstream models who look like healthy people. It's definitely a problem! And RhondaVeggie, get some manners sweetie. It's never nice to insult people, and there is never an excuse to be rude. Bad manners are a lot more unattractive than a dress that's too tight!

Kaide... KaidensMama1107

Umm...that shit is NOT healthy! How ya gonna go from a stick thin skelator to a unhealthy heffalump? Geezus and why the heck shouldn't it be separate? That's a little much to suggest it not be segregated..like come on this isn't white black or man women thing ppl r going a tad crazy with this equal everything shit...some things don't need to be on the same level..and suggesting that this women above is healthy is pure stupidity...sorry if I offended

Ryan Elizabeth Williams

I didn't find the "woman above" to be so fat and repuslive with her "bingo wings" and "rolls of back fat" which I still don't see....interestingly enough in a smal African country whose name I cannot recall, women that look like those pictured representing fffweek are considered supremely gorgeous to the point that thinner girls are sometimes forcefed lard so they too can be what their culture considers gorgeous. Sad to say but it looks like both countries have the wrong idea. Just be happy being you and with that confidence you might just find that you are ready to tackle the challenge that is weight loss. Just sayin...

LoriA... LoriAnn87

All plus size women are beautiftul including me. Before having my son I was a size 12/14 and after my son I went to a size 18/20 and I'm very proud with the way I look because I'm not obessed, have any fat hanging out or muffin top. I wear clothe that fit me and my figure properly.  The average size women is 20 but you know you not that because all that everyone see is these skinny model with bones showing , we need to see more plus women cause we need to show the girls today that no matter what size you are your beautiful.

nonmember avatar no name

Um, no the average woman is not a size 20 and does not need to be. And we do not need to see more plus size women, we need to show the average woman. We should not be promoting being unhealthy and overweight nor should we be promoting being unhealthy and stick thin. There is an in between. people need to stop eating so unhealthy and get off their rear ends. Blame genetics, blame hormones, blame whatever. As someone with PCOS and a major thyriod problem I take my meds, eat healthy, and exercise. I take initiative and do something about my health and weight. I have a friend that claims to have thyroid problems and blames her weight on that. Yet she goes out to fast food restaurants all time and sits on the computer all day.

.Momm... .MommieAJ.

I would rather see a thicker female than a stick-looking female. Scrawny is NOT sexy..especially when paired with a (fake) porn star rack. Just sayin'..

Meg Moore

LMAO...average is a size 20? maybe in mauritania.

Carmen Neeley

Well said No name !!  Im a size 2 or 3, I dont consider myself unhealthy or "scrawny" . Its definitely not healthy to promote to young girls to be a double zero or anorexic looking , but neither is going to the extremes of its ok to be obese!! just my opinion...

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