Full Figured Fashion Week Shouldn't Exist

fffweekWe've all heard of Fashion Week: those two weeks a year in February and September when Lincoln Center is filled with waif models and bloggers, designers, and fashion-lovers frothing at the mouth over clothes 99.99 percent of us could never wear and could never afford.

Well, there's a new Fashion Week in town, ladies and ... ladies. The Full-Figured Fashion Week, or FFFWeek, kicks off today. The third-annual event is aimed at introducing plus-sized fashion to a broader audience and providing the media with access to full-figured fashion they may not otherwise be aware of.

It's about time. Not only stick-thin models want to be fashion-forward. Real women want high-fashion, too. I think this week is great, but there shouldn't be segregation.


It's been argued that the plus-size market has been ignored for too long -- FFFWeek aims at showing department stores and shoppers that creativity in plus-size designs is the way of the future. While in the past clothing for large-size women might have been disheartening to shop for, more designers are starting to produce and sell trend-based clothing in all kinds of sizes.

I think it's only a matter of time before plus-sized high-fashion becomes a huge market for stores and designers. Maybe the NYC Fashion Week and the FFFWeek will one day be one in the same ... if the separation of sizes isn't about a separation in style aesthetic, why should they be separated at all?

The women in FFFWeek look confident, happy, and gorgeous modeling trendy clothes that flatter their full figure. Looking great, ladies!

What do you think of FFFWeek?

Photo via YouTube

Here's a video from last year's runway show:

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