Everyone Needs a Booty Cam (PHOTOS)

ass camI'll be the first to admit that my booty ain't all that. It's not obnoxious, it's not non-existent, it's just not exciting in any way. Which is why when I heard Los Angeles retailer American Rag had installed ass cams in their dressing rooms, I had to get my own over there to check it out. After all, an honest assessment is most important for those of us who don't go around bouncing quarters off our derriere. The rest of you can skip the camera that's aimed straight at your backside.

That's right, you look in the mirror, aim that butt at the camera behind you, and you get a clear shot of your ass right on the screen in front of you. So trying on jeans just got a lot more interesting and accurate.

Here's what I discovered when I tried on a pair of jeans that looked fine up front, as I backed it up into the camera.


ass camYep, that ass cam just sold me. What the hell is going on back there? God knows, I hope I would have been able to see that in a normal double mirror situation, or with a precise flip of the neck for a good look behind me. But what if I hadn't noticed the rolls because I was enamored of this vintage pair of high-waisted bell-bottoms? What if, people?

So The Gap, take a note. Anthropologie, we need to have a clear view of back fat. And think of how much easier the ass cam would make swimsuit shopping! Yes, yes, I know there are friends to take along. But sometimes you just find yourself at American Apparel during lunch time, and you don't really want to admit to anyone that you shop there. The ass cam could be your new shopping buddy. For reals.

Would you use the ass cam?


Images (top to bottom): cogdogblog/Flickr, me

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